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Insurance Agent Services

Insurance Agent services is not limited to selling a plan as people think.  Policy holder need not to got to LIC Branch for any services if his Insurance Advisor is providing policy related services at doorsteps itself. 

Many buy Insurance from their relatives or close friends but will they be help you in-terms of premium collection, maturity claim or death claim ?

You need a performing, experienced, learned Insurance Advisor to take care of Life Insurance plan. 

Insurance Agent helps you in many ways and serves at your doorsteps like :

Plan details in brief,
New Policy,
Delivery of First premium receipt and Original LIC Policy bond,
Help on online registration,
Help on Online payment,
<li>Premium collection on every due date,
Consolidated Premium paid certificate,
Adjustment of Premium id stuck during online transaction,
Change of mode,
Address change,
Nominee change,
submission of NEFT form at Branch office,
Survival benefit transfer directly to bank account as per NEFT form submitted,
Maturity benefits transfer on time,
Help in Claim settlement, if any
We can provide you the best services.  


Kindly visit feedback on our services at : LIC customer feedback/ Testimonials 


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