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Many at young age think Life Insurance is not required. Life Insurance not only help you to cover your life also help you to save tax under section 80C and 80D in some plans. LIC Life Insurance premium will be very less for younger age at the same time the policy also matures very soon.

Call us at 9945556138 and we will help you to plan and enroll for a new life insurance and Tax saving policy.


It has been 6 years since I took LIC policies through ShivaKumar and it really has been a very nice experience. A very honest,professional and helpful person. He is more like a friend than an agent. He follows up so promptly that I did not miss single installment so far. I recommend Shivkumar strongly through this forum and wish him all the very best.

Kowndinya Vankayalapati, Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems India Private Limited, Bangalore, India

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LIC Agent Bangalore, LIC

Life Insurance proposer should know about his Advisor well before signing the life insurance form. An estabilished Advisor can only assure you services when required.
Since 2007, completed more than 2300+ insurance policies and secured hundreds of families. Member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) for Insurance professionals in US since 2010 and Member LIc Galaxy Club since 2015.

To know more about me visit about us page.

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