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As Life Insurance is very essential, Insurance Advisor and his experience is also much required.

Life Insurance depends on servicing. Proposer should invest his time in choosing the right Advisor before choosing the Insurance policy. Insurance Advisor experience and presentation makes the propose to choose the right policy for his need.

Insurance planning at young age would help the prosper to save premium. Once your LIC Life Insurance policy is started, till maturity the premium would be the same.

There various stages in everyone’s life. These stages are indications for an individual to increase Insurance coverage, invest and save more money for the future. 

The Starting-out years : (25-30 yrs)

Stage 2: The Setting-up years : (35-45 yrs) 

Stage 3: The spending years : (45-55 yrs)

Stage 4: The Accumulation Years : (55-65 yrs )

You are in which stage you know, but a learned Insurance Advisor can only plan according to your life style.

LIC Insurance plan not only get you insurance cover, it also help for Tax Saving for Salaried individuals and businessmen. Premiums paid to both Life Insurance and Health Insurance would help the proposer to save tax under Income Tax Act ( refer latest Tax rules ).

We as authorised Agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India ( LIC ) of India plan for our proposers to get insured from LIC because LIC is the largest Life Insurance company and the best claim settlement company in the World. LIC also tops Indian Insurance Industry with highest premium collection and most number of Insurance Agents in India.

As per Government rules, PAN card number is compulsory for cash and cheque payment of Rs. 50,000/- and more. This rule may change from time to time. Kindly refer latest Income Tax rules.

The income-tax concession under section 80 C provides further incentive to higher-income persons to save through life insurance policies. The total volume of insurance business has also been growing in the country with the spread of insurance consciousness in the country.

Life Insurance Corporation of India is the only Life Insurance company among all Life Insurance companies to enjoy Government Sovereign Guarantee i.e., Only LIC policies are guaranteed by Government of India.


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